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Aleashia Kircher

Great Southern Yarn

Hi, my name is Aleashia, and I am an Environmental Scientist with a passion for knitting and indie-dyed yarns. My husband Jarrad and I own and operate 4 businesses, being an Engineering business and 3 yarn related operations.

One of our newest and proudest operations is Great Southern Yarn. As you may have heard, stewardship of Great Southern Yarn (GSY) passed to Jarrad and I from Jennifer and Andrew in early 2023 due to illness in the family. After many, many months of blood, sweat and tears, in August 2023 we finally received our first run of brand-new Mt Bodangora Merino.

We are very proud of our first new production range to be named Mt Bodangora Merino, after the beautiful Mt Bodangora Farm in Wellington, NSW where our SRS Merino Fleece is sourced. The Mt Bodangora Merino is a 100% SRS Merino yarn, which is non-mulesed, cruelty free and sustainable.

Our wool is sourced directly from single origin sources, under ethical agreements with the farmer directly. Our suppliers are selected based on their quality of product as well as their treatment of the animals and sustainability practices.

Our raw fleeces are then exported to New Zealand for scouring at the Canterbury Wool Scours in Timaru, and then after scouring sent to Design Spun Mills in Napier.

All our bases are non-mulesed and non-superwashed. We have our amazing SRS Merino, SRS Merino Single Spun, Merino/Nylon and Merino/Alpaca blends available in a 4ply, 5ply and 8ply, exception being the single spun which we only do a 4ply and 8ply.

We also own and operate a boutique yarn shop in Wyong called the Grumpy Ginger Yarn Co. where we specialise in selling high end hand-dyed yarns. As well as Kirchelly Textiles where we wholesale our beautiful bases to other local and international dyers.

Aleashia Kircher
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