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Caterina Sullivan

Fancy Yarns Australia

Caterina Sullivan is a dynamic and passionate speaker dedicated to shaping a more sustainable, just and equitable world. With a diverse background spanning sustainability, business ownership, activism, political education, gender equality advocacy and coaching, Caterina brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her speaking engagements.

Caterina's journey as a public speaker began with a deep-seated calling to share her insights and experiences, driven by a commitment to foster economic, social and environmental sustainability. Her speaking topics are as varied and impactful as her career, covering everything from the challenges and triumphs of being a woman in business to youth entrepreneurship, resilience in the face of adversity, achieving work-life balance as a mother, sustainability (including sustainable business practices), political education and financial literacy.

A seasoned speaker, Caterina has graced the stages as a keynote speaker of prestigious events such as the UN Habitat Conference, the iCities Summit, the iInspire Summit and the Social Good Summit. She has also made appearances on radio, television and in print media, sharing her expertise with a broader audience.

Caterina Sullivan
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