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Gayle Herring

Fibre Naturally

Gayle Herring has been working in the Australian Fibre industry for over 30 years. She started with just two alpacas and a dream which grew into a respected and well-known alpaca stud, achieving countless awards at Australian alpaca shows. At its largest, Gayle’s alpaca stud housed 120 animals.

In 2007, fuelled by her passion for hand spinning her alpaca fleeces, Gayle established Fibre Naturally Woollen Mill to provide a service to other alpaca breeders looking to value add their fleeces. Overtime Gayle has tripled the size of her mill and now runs one of the largest Alpaca Woollen mills in Australia. Along with consignment spinning, Gayle has developed her own range of yarns and is regularly called upon to spin up unique yarns for Australian fibre artists.

Owning her own mill allows Gayle to experiment with various specialty fibres including Australian possum, wallaby, and camel, along with more traditional fibres like Cashmere and various sheep blends. In her spare time, when she is not in the paddock with her alpacas, llamas, and camels, Gayle is a board member for the Australian Fibre Collective which promotes 100% Australian grown and processed fibre products.

Gayle Herring
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