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Karin Mainwaring

The Knitting Man Recommends

Hailing from a lineage of skilled Welsh Knitters, my journey into the world of knitting was anything but conventional. Despite my Auntie's prowess in the craft, her impatience and disinterest in teaching left me frustrated. It was only through my unwavering determination and refusal to be deterred that I managed to grasp the basics she begrudgingly imparted.

Fuelled by my initial anger and thirst for knowledge, I delved into knitting books, developing a keen interest in advanced techniques and design. Today, I proudly boast extensive experience as a proficient knitter, with a particular passion for designing, grading, tech editing, and organizing knitting events.

Although my career initially led me down the path of acting during a bygone era, I found my true calling as a playwright in the vibrant '90s scene. My works have graced stages across the globe, from the prestigious State Companies to the illustrious La Comédie-Française in Paris.

With numerous public speaking engagements under my belt, stemming from my success as a produced and published writer, I've shared my insights and experiences with audiences far and wide, including a memorable session at La Sorbonne.

Currently, amidst my bustling schedule, I'm endeavouring to carve out time to complete a tantalizing knitting murder mystery—a project that combines my love for both creativity and craftsmanship.

Karin Mainwaring
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