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Nicole Golding

Colagirl Collective

As it says on my Instagram bio, Adelaide, Wife, Mum, avid knitter, Equine admirer, Yarn dyer. Colagirl

Collective was born in September 2016 out of a love of colour and yarn. Having been an avid knitter for

40ish years I saw it as a natural progression to creating more beautiful things with yarn. I have been

crocheting for nearly as long but nowhere near as fervently as my knitting. Dying yarn lets me explore

colour and its techniques onto fibre and experience the vast amounts of different animal fibres that is

turned into yarn these days and how different dying techniques are used on these fibres to get the most out

of your dye colour.

Thank You so much for taking the time to squish and admirer my yarn and if my colours evoked a purchase…


Nicole Golding
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