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Susanna Kaartinen

Sánná and Co

Susanna Kaartinen is a knitwear designer and a freelance graphic designer. She lives in Australia with her partner and she is an enthusiastic knitter, weaver and sewer, and most recently also a hand spinner. Susanna grew up in Finnish Lapland.

As a young adult she lived and studied Building Design in Melbourne, Australia, before returning back to her native Finland. There she lived and worked as a building designer for twelve years. Recently she studied the indigenous language of her family, Inari Saami, and is involved in designing a quarterly online magazine in that language.

She has been designing knits for years and in 2020 she became

more intentional with her design work: she established Sánná and

Co. To date she has published 25 patterns, independently and in

collaboration with different yarn companies and publishers.

Susanna Kaartinen
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