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Tash Kiermaier

Makerie by hand

From a young age Tash has been an avid crafter, and is a prize-winning needleworker and embroiderer. She has always taken up new fibre arts with enthusiasm, and has tried her hand at many including sewing, tatting, spinning, and of course knitting and crochet.

Tash's philosophy with her craft is to take on a new challenge for every project. Tash strives to always expand her skills and learn something new about her craft. In less than two years of becoming a "Capital 'K' Knitter" Tash has learned many skills that intimidate even very experienced knitters. Her goal for 2024 is to focus on crochet and extend her skills beyond granny squares and socks.

Leaving her previous life as a software engineer, Tash is now the manager of the Makerie yarn shop. Working at Makerie means she can talk to people about yarn all day every day, and she is truly grateful to be living the dream!

Tash Kiermaier
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